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Name:Lady Phantomhive Scanlations
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| 001 | The Phantom Hive ✮

Lady Phantomhive is a non-profit scanlation group. We love bringing you new and exciting doujinshi.

Please check out our finished Scanlations page to see the projects!
Have a look at the In Progress List and get excited about the upcoming projects.

We release a scanlation each Friday, and also host live editing sessions on Livestream, Movie Nights and our very own and special Phantom-Radio!

Give some love to our amazing Staff ♥

| 002 | RULES

You are allowed to repost the original direct download link provided at the community, or link back to the original post.
ABSOLUTELY no re-uploading anywhere else! (no youtube or read only sites)
Please ask if you need a different link, and one will be provided to you. ^^
If you are interested in re-translating our pieces, please head over here


| 004 | PLEASE HELP!

We are asking for donations to help cut the cost of expanding bandwidth needs and the completely insane prices for overseas shipping.
Your donation will be put towards monthly expenses for hosting our scanlations.
Please help out this ragged, perpetually broke, yaoi obsessed scanlation team!

We love you!


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